What are the guidelines for installing and mounting the Prowise Touchscreen to t

Because of its weight and dimensions, never install the Prowise touchscreen alone.

Install the touchscreen on a stable, vibration-free floor/wall to avoid damage to the touchscreen. Make sure that all of the ventilation openings, located at the back of the screen, stay uncovered, so hot air can escape.

Make sure to only connect the power cable after the screen has been correctly mounted to the wall or lift and after all the auxiliary equipment has been connected. Use only the power cord supplied by Prowise.
Only connect cables that are compatible with the relevant devices, or that are supplied together with these products (which cables you need depends on the external devices you use or other external sources such as a lift system).

Wall assembly:
Please ensure the wall is strong enough to carry the weight of the touchscreen.
Use a certified Prowise wall bracket to install the Prowise Touchscreen on a wall.

Movable installations:
Use a Prowise VESA bracket when assembling the screen on a Prowise lift system.
Make sure that the screen is placed in the middle of the lift and the weight is evenly distributed. 

CAUTION! Prowise cannot be held responsible for any damage or injury caused by the incorrect installation of the touchscreen conducted by third parties. Damage to the touchscreen, caused by incorrect installation by third parties is not covered by the warranty. Always contact Prowise or a certified partner if you have any questions about the installation.