In which environment can I use the integrated microphone?

The Prowise Touchscreen is equipped with four microphones with a wide range. Thanks to these four wide-area microphones, the recording quality is excellent, making the Prowise Touchscreen ideal for video conferencing.  

You can use the microphone in the following environments:

  • Prowise Central
  • Windows environment via the internal PC module

Note: The microphone does not work via an external PC.

How do I test the integrated microphone?
If you are working with an internal PC module, you can test the integrated microphone as follows:
1. Make sure that you are in the Windows environment of the internal PC module.
2. Go to Audio settings (right-click on the speaker symbol in the bottom-right in the taskbar)
3. Under the tab "Choose input device" you can view the relevant input device
       Microphone Array (WR USB Audio)
4. The option "Test microphone" is also visible.
       The status of the VU meter indicates whether the microphone is receiving audio signals.