Is it necessary to install software for the ProWrite pens?

The Prowise Touchscreen is equipped with two pens. These are conveniently located at the front of the screen and will automatically click into place when you hold a pen in front of the docking station. 
It is therefore not necessary to install software to be able to use the ProWrite pens.

What makes the ProWrite┬« technology and pen combination unique in the market is that the pen has two different line thicknesses to choose from when writing on the screen. The advantages of this are: 

  • Write with a fine line and switch to a thick line by turning the pen around
    Using your finger to write is recognised by the screen as writing with the thick pen tip.
  • Switch between colours by turning around the pen
  • Write simultaneously in two different colours and sizes

    In addition to the uniquely designed pens we enhanced the technology to give you a better writing experience. The highlights of this are:
  • Fast writing response
  • Writing tip as small as 2mm
  • Full support for Windows Ink

    With this technology, the Prowise Touchscreen is an ideal touchscreen for collaboration and writing.