Set up Touchscreen Ten as a Hotspot

If the Prowise Touchscreen Ten is connected to the internet via a LAN connection, you can set the screen as a hotspot.

Open the Central settings by clicking on the cogwheel and choose 'Connectivity'. You will see the following screen:


If you are connected to a Wi-Fi network, you must first disconnect it. Click on the connection and select 'Disconnect'.


Click on the "Wifi hotspot" button. You will see the following screen:


  • You can activate the hotspot by clicking on the slider in the upper right corner.
  • By clicking on the "Hotspot name" button, you can change the name of the hotspot.
  • Click on 'Security' to select 'WPA2 PSK' or 'No security'.
  • Click on 'Password hotspot' to set the password.
  • In the 'Advanced' section, you can indicate whether the hotspot should remain active when no devices are connected:


The hotspot is now set up. You can close the windows by pressing the back button.