What does ProWrite®-technology mean?

The Prowise Touchscreen Ten is equipped with two pens. These are conveniently located at the front of the screen and automatically click into place when you hold a pen in front of the docking station. 


By using ProWrite® Touch technology we have been able to implement a natural writing experience on the touchscreen. ProWrite® Touch technology combined with the Nano technology glass ensures higher precision when writing, less latency and a smaller contact height for a writing experience that rivals pen to paper. 


What makes the ProWrite® technology combined with the pen unique is that the pen has 2 different writing sizes for writing on the screen. The advantages of this are: 

  • Write small and switch to large without the need for software
  • Switch between colours by turning the pen around
  • Write simultaneously in 2 different colours and sizes

In addition to the uniquely designed pens, we have enhanced the technology to give you a better experience.  Some of the improvements are:

  • Fast writing response
  • Pen tip of only 2 mm
  • Full Windows Ink support
  • Support for 40 touch points
  • Support for 20 writing points

With this technology the Prowise touch screen is an ideal touch screen for collaborative work and writing.