Microsoft Autopilot and Prowise OPS

This document describes the setup needed for Microsoft Autopilot to automatically deploy Prowise OPS modules to Intune.

Following the Microsoft guide on:


Prepare autopilot by creating a Windows Autopilot deployment profile in


Assign the deployment profile to a group:


From the OPS modules that are going to be used for Autopilot and Intune, the following powershell scripts need to be executed: 

  • Install-Script -Name Get-WindowsAutoPilotInfo
  • mkdir “c:\temp”
  • Get-WindowsAutoPilotInfo -OutputFile “c:\temp\output.csv”

(The output for multiple OPS modules can be combined into 1 CSV file.)

import devices in autopilot with the generated csv file.


Add the imported PC to the autopilot deployment group


Wait until the autopilot profile has been updated to Assigned for the autopilot device


When resetting a pc, autopilot will now be active. 

After login to Azure on the pc, the pc will get registered in Azure and Intune (if the deployment policy is set to Azure AD)


Remark: user needs to have an intune license in to be able to use autopilot and Intune.