How to install your Prowise Touchscreen on your own!

Installing your Prowise Touchscreen is a piece of cake. We will explain the installation process in clear step-by-step instructions. When you switch onn the touchscreen for the first time, standard apps will be installed. This process may take a couple of minutes. No action is required from you at this point. 

After these apps have been installed, you will be guided through the installation wizard. A couple of slides contain the instructions to alter a few settings. Please do not skip any steps. 

You can now begin setting up your Prowise Touchscreen

Click on 'Start'.



  • Choose your language, such as German.
  • Choose your country, such as Germany.
  • Choose the appropriate time zone.

Click on 'Next'.


Network connection
You can connect your touchscreen to the Internet via WiFi or a LAN cable. It is important to do this directly in the installation wizard. 


  • Select ’Wi-Fi’. The touchscreen will scan for available networks
  • Select the preferred network. 
  • Enter the network password. Click on the eye icon to reveal the password. 
  • Press the ‘Connect’ button to connect to the wireless network

Connect the network cable to the LAN port of your touchscreen. The touchscreen automatically detects the network and establishes a connection when Ethernet is selected in the installation wizard. Click on 'Next'


Terms and conditions

  • Accept the terms and conditions. This is mandatory. 
  • You can choose to participate in regular analyses of your system. This is optional. When you pick this option, your data will be anonymously used to improve our product. 

Click on 'Next'.


Screen name
Enter a screen name. 

Do not choose a personal name, but pick a classroom number, for example. 

Click on 'End'.

The touchscreen will now search for updates and install them if there are any.


Your touchscreen is now all set! 
Switch off the touchscreen or choose 'Restart' to start working. 

Enjoy your Prowise Touchscreen.

After setting up your Prowise Touchscreen, you can manage your screen via our MDM software, Prowise Screen Control. 

Prowise Screen Control

Prowise Screen Control is an online management module for Prowise Touchscreens. From one central location, you can manage an infinite number of touchscreens simultaneously. 

  • Group screens by location, school or group.
  • Change settings per screen or per group
  • Install apps and push updates
  • Implement standard security settings
  • Set your own wallpaper per screen or per group
  • Turn screens on and off remotely

Registration of your Prowise Touchscreen and Prowise Screen Control

  1. Press the three dots on the left-hand side of the screen
  2. Go to 'Settings' and select 'About this device'
  3. Now select 'Prowise Screen Control'
  4. Log in with your Prowise Account (please note: only an IT administrator can add a screen)
  5. Once you are successfully logged in with your Prowise Account, the option of registering the screen for Prowise Screen Control appears
  6. Press 'Confirm' to register the screen 

The standard configurations that are installed for your school/company are retrieved and implemented after the screen has restarted. You can now change the settings in one central spot via