Which Prowise interactive whiteboards have available updates?

At Prowise, we think it's important that your investment in interactive whiteboards continues to pay off over the years. That is why we often make software updates available for the Prowise Central operating system. These over-the-air (OTA) updates are installed via 100% safe, local and Prowise-owned servers, without intervention of an administrator.

We will provide your touchscreens with these free software updates for five years. 

How do I install an OTA update

We currently make software updates available for free for the following screen types

  • Prowise Touchscreen Ultra
  • Prowise Touchscreen Ten G3
  • Prowise Touchscreen Ten G2
  • Prowise Touchscreen Ten
  • Prowise Touchscreen One G2
  • Prowise Touchscreen One
  • Prowise Touchscreen

Do you have any older interactive whiteboards in your classrooms? By this we mean screens that you bought over five years ago. Such as ProLine+, ProLine, EntryLine UHD, EntryLine HD or Classic Line UHD. In this case, the five-year period of free software updates has expired and you are no longer able to install updates.