Which pens go with which screens?

In the following overview you will find the article number of the pen(s) belonging to each screen.
Prices and availability are available from our sales department (directsales@prowise.com).

Screen model Article number  Description
TSx G2 PW.3.15000.0165 Prowise Pen set | Touchscreen Ten G2 | 4 pieces
TSone G2 PW.S.22121.0023 Touch Pen Set - TS One G2 | 2 pieces
TSx G1 PW.3.60001.0124 Prowise pen G3 | 1 piece
TSone G1 PW.3.60001.0124 Prowise pen G3 | 1 piece
Prowise Touchscreen PW.2.15002.0002 ProWrite pen | 1 piece
Proline+ PW.2.14001.0001 ProWrite Ink Pen (for Pro Line + screens)
Proline PW.2.12001.0001 ProWrite Pen (Pro Line screens)
Andere modellen PW.2.10003.0002 Touch Pen (Magnetic, Passive (set of 2)