What is the best way to clean the Prowise touchscreen?

Clean the screen with a dry, lint-free, microfibre cloth. Ensure this cloth is free of impurities.

If you wish to use a cleanser, always use a cleanser recommended by Prowise. Do not use any aggressive cleansers as these can cause damage to the screen.

If, for any reason, the Prowise Cleaning kit cannot be used, the other cleaning agent must at least meet the conditions below: 

  1.  To protect the anti-reflection coating of the glass and the IR filter, do not use a cleaning agent with an acid PH value. PH value <7 is therefore not allowed.
  2. An alkaline cleaning solution with a PH value between 7 and 9 is recommended. A cleaning solution with an alkaline PH value >9 should not be used.  

Never spray a cleanser directly onto the screen, apply it to a cloth first. The cloth may be slightly damp, but not wet, as this can cause damage to the screen.


Gently wipe down the screen with the cloth. For the best result, clean the screen by making gentle, circular movements without applying too much pressure. Never use an abrasive cleanser. \


Warning! In the unlikely event that the touchscreen gets wet, do not turn the power on and do not insert the power cable into the electrical outlet. This can result in an electric shock. Should the touchscreen get wet while it is turned on, immediately turn off the power supply and disconnect the power cable of the touchscreen from the electrical outlet to avoid a short circuit.


COVID-19: clean your touchscreen according to WHO guidelines

World Health Organization guidelines recommend using the following products to clean your touchscreen against COVID-19:

  • 70-90% Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA)
  • 70-90% Ethanol

Follow the steps below to clean your touchscreen with any of the products listed:

  • Apply the Ethanol or Isopropyl Alcohol to a microfiber cloth
  • Wipe the glass of the Prowise touchscreen with the microfiber cloth in one smooth motion
  • Never apply the liquids mentioned directly to the touchscreen.
  • Then dry the glass with a dry microfiber cloth