New in Prowise Screen Control 2.0

You can manage your touchscreens remotely with Prowise Screen Control. At the touch of a button, you can adjust settings, install apps or change background images.

  • Are you already using Prowise Screen Control? Then your data and settings will automatically be transferred. Go to the new url
    to get started directly. 
  • Are you not using Prowise Screen Control yet? Here we explain exactly which steps you have to follow. 


After logging in you will land on the brand new dashboard. Here you can find an overview of all registered touchscreens and their statistics. At the bottom of the dashboard is a 'how to section' with frequently asked questions, tips and tricks. 

Roles and rights

With Prowise Screen Control 2.0 we introduce different rights for users in the portal. Think of an administrator, a manager or a reader with different permissions and possibilities.

New settings

These new settings are adjustable from Prowise Screen Control 2.0 onwards. To do this, update your touchscreen to Prowise Central 4.1 as soon as it is available: 

  • Searching and installing updates when shutting down touchscreen
  • Switching USB storage on or off
  • Starting up touchscreen in ProNote
  • Disabling internal microphones
  • Scheduled touchscreen start-up
  • Scheduled touchscreen deactivation