What does the Prowise Screen Control interface look like?

Topright menu Schermafbeelding_2022-04-29_om_10.40.56.png

  • Profile picture: click on your profile picture to go to 'Account management' or to log out
  • App Launcher: click on the nine dots to switch between Prowise apps
  • Language flag: click on the language flag to change the language. You can choose between German, English and Dutch

Green bar Schermafbeelding_2022-04-29_om_10.41.40.png

  • Arrow pointing to the left: click on the arrow pointing to the left to go to the previous page you searched for
  • Arrow pointing to the right: click on the arrow pointing to the right to go to the next page

In the green bar you can also see the breadcrumb trail: here you can see in an organised way on which page you are in the menu structure of Prowise Screen Control.

Main menu

On the left you will find the main menu of Prowise Screen Control. 

  • Click on Dashboard to go to the dashboard
  • Click on Device Management to open 'Default settings', 'Groups' and 'Devices'
  • Click on 'Default settings' to go to the default settings
  • Click on 'Groups' to go to your groups
  • Click on 'Devices' to go to your devices