What is needed to use Prowise Screen Control?

All functionalities of Prowise Screen Control are available to our customers free of charge for five years.

  1. To be able to use Screen Control you must have a Presenter package. If there is no Presenter package yet, you can request one by sending an e-mail to service@prowise.com. In your request, state the name you want for the package and which account needs to be set up as administrator.

  2. A Prowise Account. With your Prowise Account you can log in at admin.prowise.com. Don't have a Prowise Account yet? You can create one free of charge at account.prowise.com.

    Please note: only the package administrator (Prowise admin account) has access by default to Prowise Screen Control. The package administrator can add users from the Presenter package to Screen Control.
    Not sure who your package administrator is? Then please contact the Prowise Customer Service. At account.prowise.com you can check whether you are a package administrator. 

  3. A Prowise Touchscreen that supports a higher or equivalent version of Prowise Central 4.0. 

  4. Ensure that you have installed the latest version of Prowise Central on the touchscreen. Read in this article how you can update your touchscreens. 

  5. Of course you also need a licence to make use of Prowise Screen Control. As a customer you can make use of Prowise Screen Control completely free of charge for the first five years. So during this period there are no costs associated with a licence. You don't have to activate the licence.