What am I able to change in the settings menu?



Use the audio menu to adjust the audio settings.

  • Volume: regulate the volume.
  • Bass: regulate the bass intensity.
  • Treble: regulate the high pitches.
  • Balance: regulate the balance between the left and right speaker.

Choose one of five preset options:

  • Default
  • Film
  • Classroom
  • Conference
  • Custom

Under Line output, select the right setting corresponding to the audio output device you are connecting to the analogue audio port.

  • Headphones: choose this setting when connecting headphones to the 'analogue audio port'. Regulate the volume of the headphones with the volume slider of the Prowise touchscreen.
  • Line output: choose this setting when connecting external speakers to the 'analogue audio port'. Regulate the volume of the external speaker with the volume slider on your external speaker. The volume control of the screen is now disabled.

Select output:

  • To play audio, select 'external' when an external speaker is connected.
  • Select 'internal' to activate the speakers on the Prowise touchscreen.
  • Select 'both' to play sound through the external speaker as well as the internal speaker.


Use this menu to adjust various display options.

  • Brightness: adjust the brightness of the screen.
  • Contrast: increase or decrease the contrast of the screen.

Choose one of five preset options: 

  • Default
  • Bright
  • Colourful
  • Soft
  • Custom

Choose your desired atmosphere:

  • Cool
  • Natural
  • Warm

Night Mode

Activate the Night Mode of the touchscreen so it emits less bright colours. 



Use this menu to change the names of the input sources. To change one of the names, click in the text box, type your new name (maximum eight character) and press 'Apply'.

The 'Reset all' button restores all names to the original names of the input sources.



In this menu you can disable the remote control.

It is also possible to set the highlighted button on the remote control as freeze button or black screen button. You can set one of these settings with the remote control, not both.*

*this features is only available for the Prowise Touchscreen 

Note: it is not possible to block both the buttons on the control panel and the remote control at the same time in the Prowise Central menu.


In this menu you can set the language, country and time zone independently of each other.

  • Choose between the 12-hour clock or 24-hour clock.
  • Choose whether to set the time and date automatically
  • Change the date display
    • mm/dd/yyyy
    • dd/mm/yyyy

With the button Hardware Keyboard, the settings of the connected keyboard van be changed. 


In this menu you set various backgrounds for your Prowise Central home environment and change clock settings. 


Select the digital or analogue clock.

Customised background

Choose an image as background yourself. Select 'Customise' and select an image from your computer. This image is now set as background. You can only select jpg images.
Note that the maximum resolution is 3840 by 2160.


You can choose from various default backgrounds. Select a background to apply it.




The NFC feature allows you to log in to Windows on the internal PC module with your personal NFC card, programmed in the Prowise touchscreen. The NFC card cannot be used to log into Prowise Central, only for the OPS module. 

Carry out the steps below to program the NFC card. 

First install the NFC tool in Windows, you can download it here


  • Enter the user name and password in the Prowise Central NFC menu

NOTE: the user name and password need to be exactly the same as set in Windows and/or Prowise Central. Please note that passwords are case sensitive. 

To get the correct user name in Windows, carry out the following steps.


  • Hold down the Windows Key, and press “R” to bring up the Run window
  • Type “CMD“, then press “Enter” to open a command prompt
  • At the command prompt, type the following then press “Enter“: whoami
  • The computer name or domain followed by the user name is displayed
  • These details needs to be used to write the correct user name to the password


  • Select Write card. 
  • You will be prompted to hold the NFC card to the NFC sensor in the bottom-right of the screen

NOTE: this applies for both the Prowise Touchscreen and ProLine+ models. If the NFC card is not programmed properly, please repeat the steps listed above.

In case you want to reprogram an NFC card, it has to be cleared first. You can clear the NFC card as follows.

  • Click erase card
  • You will be prompted to hold the NFC card to the NFC sensor in the bottom-right of the screen


You can of course connect the Prowise touchscreen with a WiFi network. 

  • Click on 'WiFi' on the Prowise touchscreen to search for the available networks.
  • Select the desired network 
  • Enter the password and select 'Connect'. 
  • The screen is now connected to the WiFi network.

On the right it shows the information such as the network details (IP, DNS, MAC).

Click on 'Advanced' to unfold the expanded menu. 


This is how to establish a connection with the internet through a network cable: 

  • Connect the network cable to the LAN port of the Prowise touchscreen.
  • In the Central settings menu, go to 'Connectivity'. 3. Select 'Ethernet' and flip the Ethernet switch.
  • A wired connection has now been established.
  • Press 'Advanced' to display advanced network settings.

Once an ethernet connection is established, the WiFi network is automatically disconnected. 

On the right it shows the information such as the network details (IP, DNS, MAC).