How does the integrated lift control work?

With this menu you can operate the Prowise iPro lift system that is connected to the Prowise touchscreen. The available options depend on the model of the Prowise iPro lift system to which the screen is installed.

  • Adjust the height of the Prowise touchscreen
  • Tilt the Prowise touchscreen (only possible in combination with the iPro Tilt Lift or the iPro Toddler)
  • Set a specific lift height or position as your favourite.
  • Let the lift move to your previously selected favourite position automatically.

Carry out the following steps to set a particular lift setting as your favourite:

  • Set the preferred height and, if applicable, the desired tilt angle of the lift with the arrows in the

User Menu

  • Press one of the numbers (1-4) in the menu and hold it down for a couple of seconds. The lift position is now saved.