Setting up Touchscreen One as a Hotspot

If the Prowise Touchscreen One is connected to the internet via a LAN connection, you can set it up as a hotspot.

Open the settings Central by clicking on the cogwheel and choose 'Connectivity'. You will see the following screen:


If there is a connection to a Wifi network, you must first disconnect it. Click on the connection and choose 'Disconnect'.


Click on the 'Wifi hotspot' button. You will see the following screen:


Click on 'Portable hotspot' here. You will see the following screen:


In this screen, you can activate the hotspot by clicking the slider at the top right.
You can set up the hotspot by clicking 'Set up Wi-Fi hotspot':


Under 'Network name', enter the name of the hotspot
At 'Security', you can specify whether you want to use WPA2 PSK or none.
Save the settings by clicking 'save'.
The hotspot is now configured. You can close the windows by pressing the back button.