How do I connect the touchscreen to audio devices?

Connecting headphones

Connect headphones by plugging them into the analogue audio output “headphones”. Use the touchscreen’s volume control to adjust the headphones volume.



Connecting an amplifier

Connect an amplifier via the digital S/PDIF port. Use the amplifier’s volume control to adjust the amplifier’s volume.

PLEASE NOTE! The audio output (the digital S/PDIF) is always active. If you connect an external audio device to the touchscreen and only wish to use this audio device, press the “Mute” button on the remote control or in the Central menu to turn off the touchscreen’s internal speakers.


Connecting using the HDMI port (CEC)

CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) is a functionality that works via HDMI. The devices that are connected to each other in this way communicate via CEC. This allows these devices to be controlled via the touchscreen’s remote control.

Connect a device via CEC by inserting an HDMI cable in the touchscreen’s HDMI port.