How does the File Manager in Prowise Central work?

Internal shared storage
On the left-hand side of the File Manager you will find the "Internally shared storage". Here you can see an overview of your folders and files. With 'Download', 'Movies', 'Music' and 'Pictures', we have prepared some standard folders for you.

From the menu on the left you can also quickly go to your 'Recent files' and below that you can easily click through to generic file overviews.

Creating folders

  • Click on the blue icon with the white plus sign in the top-right corner
  • Enter the desired name of your folder
  • Click on 'Create' to create the folder

Move, copy, delete, rename and open file properties

  • Click on the three dots after the file name
  • You can choose to move, copy, delete, rename or open the properties of the file.