Can an app be added to the Prowise app store?

It is possible to submit a request to add an Android app to the Prowise app store. We set high standards of privacy and security for all our products, including the apps available in Prowise Central.

Apps containing advertising and in app purchases are not added. We also ban apps with irresponsible content such as 18+ content, links to external pages and advertisements.

To submit a request, you can create a ticket. In your request, please include the link to the app in the Google playstore. If an account is required for the app, we would like to receive a test account.

We review requests for adding new apps based on a number of things.
For instance, it is important that the app looks good on our large screens, for instance, they must support 4K resolution and be clearly readable.

It is also important that no data traffic goes to unknown servers and that all account data is kept safe so that it can be easily deleted if needed.

Please note that it can take around two to three months for us to process the application.