I'm having trouble loading lessons, what can I do?

1. My lesson does not open completely; it gets stuck on a specific loading percentage every time.
If the loading percentage is always the same (even on different devices), the lesson probably contains a component that blocks the loading process. We suggest you share the link of the lesson with us so we can investigate further.

To do this, find the lesson in the Presenter file manager, click on the three dots in the top right corner and on file information. Here you can click on 'Share'. You will now see the screen where you can enter service@prowise.com or copy and paste the share link into an email.

2. My lesson sometimes opens fully and sometimes does not.
This can happen if, for example, the internet connection is not stable or if you are using different devices with different memory capacities. The lesson does not contain any blocking elements in this case. You might consider contacting our service department to have the lesson file split to reduce the loading time.