Powerwash (reset Chromebook to factory settings)

In case a Chromebook is unable to start up or experiences other problems, the solution is often to reset the Chromebook to factory settings. This is called a Powerwash and you will find out how to do it below.

You can reset your Chromebook in three different ways. It is possible that one of the options is not available for your Chromebook.

Option 1: reset with shortcuts
1. Log out on your Chromebook.
2. Press and hold the buttons Ctlr + Alt + Shift + R.
3. Select 'Restart' to restart your Chromebook.
4. Select 'Reset to factory settings'.
5. The Chromebook has now been reset to factory settings.

Option 2: resetting via the settings menu
1. Log in on your Chromebook.
2. Click on the status indicator (bottom right), where your profile picture is displayed.
3. Click on 'Settings' and then select 'Advanced settings'.
4. Select 'Reset to factory settings' in the 'Powerwash' window.
5. Select 'Restart'.
6. The Chromebook has now been reset to factory settings.

Option 3: Resetting via developer mode
1. Turn off the Chromebook.
2. Press Esc + Refresh + on/off.  
3. A yellow exclamation mark (!) appears or the notification that a USB stick is required to execute the reset process pops up.
4. Press Ctrl + D to open the developer mode and press Enter.
5. Press Ctrl + D.
6. The local data is erased and the Chromebook will be reset to factory settings. This can take up to 40 minutes.
     Note: In case the option 'Demand reregistration' is enabled on the device, you receive a notification that the developer mode has been blocked. This shortens the reset process and the device can still be reregistered after automatically rebooting in the verified mode.
7. Once the transition is completed, press the space bar and then the Enter key to return to the verified mode.
8. The Chromebook has now been reset to factory settings.

After the Powerwash, the Chromebook needs to be registered again.

Registering Chromebook for business.
1. Switch on the Chrome device and follow the steps on the screen until you get to the log-in screen. Do not log in yet. If the registration screen appears instead of the log-in screen, continue to step 3.
2. Choose the option that refers you to the registration window.
     - Press Ctrl+Alt+E.
     - Press 'More options' and then select 'Register for business' (not available for Chrome tablets).
3. Enter the user name and password in the required fields.
4. Once you receive the confirmation that the device has been registered, you can click on 'Done'.
Users can now log in and use the devices.