The Blu-ray module cannot play Blu-rays.

The Blu-ray module is always included with the purchase of a ProLine touchscreen. The Blu-ray module plays media in the highest possible quality.


1. Port for SD card
2. USB connection
3. Eject media disc
4. Start/pause media content
5. Stop playing media content

The Blu-ray module works independent of the PC, meaning that the module is not available as local station. 
The Blu-ray module cannot communicate with the PC, but you can control the module with the remote control. You can do so without installing additional software.

The Blu-ray module has the following features:
- Play DVDs and CDs
- Play a series of photos
- Play Blu-rays

Note: Select the Blu-ray mode before inserting or ejecting a media disc.

Low-quality discs can damage the Blu-ray module. Original Blu-rays, DVDs, CDs etc. provide the best results.

Play media content

You can play the media content above as follows:
1. Open the menu, go to the tab 'Ports' and select the Blu-ray input.
2. Insert the media content. The Blu-ray module plays the content automatically.
3. Control the Blu-ray module with the supplied remote control.
     - Click on the eject button () to eject the disc.
     - Click on the 'Stop' button to stop playing the current media content. The Blu-ray module remembers where the disc was stopped. 
     - Press the 'Play' button to resume the content.
     - Press the 'Stop' button twice to clear the memory. 
     - Click on the 'Play' button once again to start playing the content from the beginning.

The Blu-ray module supports the following capacities:
Caution! Make sure that when inserting the media disc into the Blu-ray module, the bottom of the media disc faces you (from the point of view of standing in front of the screen).