Prowise ProLine won't start up.

In case the Prowise ProLine won't start up, please check the following things:

Check the status of the Power LED on the Prowise ProLine.

The Power LED is turned off:
- Is the Power LED turned off? This could mean that there is no electricity supplied to the screen.
     Check whether the power switch is on. This switch is located on the left of the screen.
     Check whether the power connection between the socket and the Prowise ProLine is correct.
     Check whether the power socket to which the Prowise ProLine is connected has 220VAC.
    When using a Prowise lift system, check whether the lift is working.
    If so, check whether the connection between the lift and the screen is correct.

The Power LED is red:
If the Power LED is red, the screen is in standby mode. Check the following things:
Turn on the screen by pressing the Power On button (5) on the right-hand side at the front of the screen.


In case the Power LED remains red, please contact the Prowise Customer Support.

- By pressing the standby button on the remote control.
     In case the Power LED remains red and the Prowise ProLine does not start up, please contact our Prowise Customer Support.
     Also check the battery of the remote control in case it is not working. 

- In case the Prowise touchscreen does not turn on despite pressing the relevant buttons on the remote control or pressing the power button, it is possible that the 'block remote control' or 'block buttons' features are activated in the Prowise menu.

The Power LED is blue:
- Has the Power LED turned blue after pressing the Power On button, but is the screen still not switching on? 
Restart the Prowise ProLine by switching the power switch on and off.

Prowise Logo Status
The Prowise Logo indicates the status of the screen by lighting up in different ways. 

ICON LED status

- The screen is off: ICON LED is Off.
- The screen is on Standby: ICON LED is "breathing".
- When the screen is starting up: ICON LED is "breathing", only now with shorter intervals.
- The screen is on: ICON LED is On.
- PC Sleep & Hibernate: ICON LED is "breathing", only now with shorter intervals than during Standby mode.
- PC Blank: ICON LED flashes in series of 4 seconds.

Note: PC blank means that Windows has been programmed to continue all functionalities in the PC module, while the Prowise ProLine is in black screen mode.