TSx G2 update microphone firmware

Updating the microphone's firmware can solve several problems. For example: Failure to exit the screen from the PC module; The problem that there is go touch on the input channels and if the hardware-matched volume buttons do not work.

This solution is also incorporated in Central 6

Perform the following on an internal PC module.

  1. Download and unzip the following file:
  2. You now have three folders:
  3. Open de folder ‘DriverAssitant_v5.1.1’
  4. Install the program 'DriverInstall’
  5. Open the program 3308_hid_tool as admin from folder 1
  6. First press 'Scan' and then 'Open'.
  7. Behind Command, select ‘HID_UPDATE_MODE’
  8. Then click 'Send'.
  9. Open RKDevTool from folder 2
  10. Click on the tab ‘Upgrade firmware’
  11. Click the 'Firmware' button and select the firmware and click the 'Open' button:
  12. Click on the button ‘Upgrade’.

    The firmware is now being flashed and is ready when the right-hand column shows 'Reset Devices Success'.
  13. Close the OPS and restart the screen.
  14. Restart the OPS and open the program '3308_hid_tool' as admin from folder 1.
  15. First press 'Scan' and then 'Open'.
  16. Behind Command, select 'HID_GET_VERSION' and press 'Send'.
  17. Check if the correct firmware is installed.
  18. The buttons should work again now.