TS1 in combination with OPS Gen4 Scrambled image when streaming DRM content (HD/4K)

Problem Description

There is an issue with the TS1G1 screen in combination with an OPS-module Generation 4.

When streaming DRM content from e.g. Netflix or Amazon Prime, via a browser like Chrome, Firefox and Edge, after a while the image gets scrambled and the connection to the screen is being dropped. 

The scrambled image is a high resolution HDMI noise signal, this indicates that there is a Digital Rights Management  issue.

The dropping of the connection to the screen is indicated by a black screen and returning of the On Screen Display showing the current Resolution of the screen (PC 3840x2160 @ 60 Hz).
This problem shows up because of the use of an IrisXe graphics chipset in the OPS modules, this chipset has an issue with displaying on 4K@60Hz, this also happens with other devices like the HP 450 G8.



Update the bios of the concerning OPS. See the list below for the correct bios-update-file.

Download the seperate files here or download a package with an installer from here (Be sure to copy the directory OPS09-PRW into the root (C:) of the OPS).

Type  OPS module BIOS update
OPS G4 v1 i5-1135G7 (nonVpro) OPS09-116.exe
OPS G4 v2 i5-11300H (nonVpro) OPS09-416.exe
OPS G4 i5-1145G7 vPro OPS09-216X.exe
OPS G4 i7-1185G7 vPro OPS09-316X.exe

Do you have bitlocker installed on the OPS? If yes, after the bios-update Bitlocker shows up again to let you enter the security password. This happens because Bitlocker sees the bios-update as a hardware change