Enabling secure boot

This knowledge article explains how to enable secure boot on the Prowise PC Module G4 via the bios menu of the module.

It is best to update the BIOS first:

Bios-update Gen 4 versie x18

  1. Connect a keyboard to the PC Module
  2. Power on the PC Module
  3. During the boot process (Prowise EYE Logo) press the Escape key on a keyboard
  4. You will now enter the BIOS front page
    • Screenshot_2021-11-03_at_21.19.45.png
  5. Navigate with the arrow keys (down arrow) to Administer Secure Boot  and press the enter key to enter the menu 
  6. You will now enter the Administer Secure Boot menu 
  7. Navigate with the arrow keys (down arrow) to Restore Secure Boot to Factory Setting
    • Screenshot_2021-11-03_at_21.19.54.png
  8. Press the Enter key to change the option to Enabled
  9. Now press F10 to save the changes and press Enter to save the changes
    • Screenshot_2021-11-03_at_21.20.01.png

Secure boot will now be configured and enabled on the module