Bios update for Netflix DRM issue for the OPS G4 in combination with the TSone G1

Problem Description

There is an issue with the TS1G1 screen in combination with an OPS-module Generation 4.

When streaming DRM content from e.g. Netflix or Amazon Prime, via a browser like Chrome, Firefox and Edge, after a while the image gets scrambled and the connection to the screen is being dropped. 

The scrambled image is a high resolution HDMI noise signal, this indicates that there is a Digital Rights Management  issue.

The dropping of the connection to the screen is indicated by a black screen and returning of the On Screen Display showing the current Resolution of the screen (PC 3840x2160 @ 60 Hz).
This problem shows up because of the use of an IrisXe graphics chipset in the OPS modules, this chipset has an issue with displaying on 4K@60Hz, this also happens with other devices like the HP 450 G8.



Update the bios of the concerning OPS. See the list below for the correct bios-update-file.

Download the seperate files here or download a package with an installer from here (Be sure to copy the directory OPS09-PRW into the root (C:) of the OPS).

Type  OPS module BIOS update
OPS G4 v1 i5-1135G7 (nonVpro) OPS09-116.exe
OPS G4 v2 i5-11300H (nonVpro) OPS09-416.exe
OPS G4 i5-1145G7 vPro OPS09-216X.exe
OPS G4 i7-1185G7 vPro OPS09-316X.exe

Do you have bitlocker installed on the OPS? If yes, after the bios-update Bitlocker shows up again to let you enter the security password. This happens because Bitlocker sees the bios-update as a hardware change