How does Prowise Reflect work on a Prowise touchscreen?

Prowise Reflect is a Prowise app for casting the screen of external devices on the Prowise touchscreen. A maximum of ten external devices can be connected to the Prowise touchscreen at the same time.



  • Reflect is supported by the following operating systems:

Screencasting protocol

Supported operating systems

Touch functionality

Prowise Reflect

Windows, Mac OSX, Android, Chrome OS

X (only Windows and Mac OSX)

AirPlay (Apple)

Mac OSX and iOS



Chrome OS, Windows, Mac OSX, Android



Windows, Android


Prowise Reflect can be activated in the Reflect app in Prowise Central. Here, you can also enable or disable the various protocols.

Making a Reflect connection

Install the Reflect app on a device to connect it to the touchscreen. You can download the Reflect app from the Prowise Serviceportal. Carry out the following steps to connect the device to the Prowise touchscreen:

  1. Open the Reflect app on the device (laptop, PC, tablet)
  2. The app opens and automatically searches for available Prowise touchscreen
  3. A list with detected Prowise touchscreens appears
  4. Select the Prowise touchscreen of your choice
  5. Enter relevant security code if necessary 
  6. The device will automatically connect to the Prowise touchscreen
  7. The screen overview will appear on the Prowise touchscreen.
  8. The shared screen is now broadcast on the touchscreen

Enlarge one of the ten screens of the external devices by clicking on it. It is now possible to operate the external device from the Prowise touchscreen (applies to MacOS and Windows). You can open the Prowise Central menu and take notes over the existing screen with ProNote while using Reflect.

Connecting multiple screens at the same time

A maximum of ten screens can be connected with the touchscreen at the same time. If more than one screen is connected, you choose which screen you want to show in full-screen mode. This can be done in the bottom-right corner of the page. 

Pin code

You can switch the pin code feature on or off in the Prowise Central menu. When the pin code is activated, Reflect and AirPlay will generate a pin code that is to be entered on the device in order to establish a connection with the screen. The pin code ensures that only the users who can see the code on the Prowise touchscreen can connect their external device by means of a Reflect session.

It is important that the latest version of the Reflect app has been installed on your device in order to use the pin code functionality in Reflect.

The Reflect taskbar

When a Reflect connection is established the video stream of your personal device is visible full screen. In this full-screen window, in the bottom right corner, two buttons are visible. An "x" button, with which you can close a connection from the screen, and a "keyboard" button to open up the on-screen keyboard. By pressing the home icon on the quick menu, a Reflect session can also be disconnected.


In order to use Reflect, the Prowise touchscreen and the device have to be connected to the same internet network. The speed of the Reflect connection is dependent on the quality of the network connection