The touch function doesn’t work.

The touch function doesn’t work when an external device is connected (you are able to launch the menu):

  • Did you connect a USB cable?
  • Is the USB cable connected to the right port?
  • When connected to one of the two upper HDMI ports, then please ensure the external device is
    connected to the upper port.
  • When connected to the lowest HDMI port, DP port, AV in port or VGA port, then please ensure the USB touch-cable is connected to the lowest touch port.
  • The touch function doesn’t work in all input sources:

Is ‘Menu gesture’ turned off?

  • When it’s turned off, it is not possible to launch Prowise Central by placing
    5 fingers on the screen. Open the menu using the remote control and navigate to ‘General’ under settings. Switch on the toggle ‘Menu gesture’.
  • Has the touch function been disabled using the remote control? Then press the red button on the remote control to enable or disable the touch function of the screen.