Where is the Prowise Central home environment?

Until the Prowise Central home environment is implemented in the ProLine+ touchscreen you can use applications such as Prowise Presenter, Windows Ink and Prowise Reflect in the Windows environment of your PC module.

  • Windows icon: navigate back to the Windows PC module from any input source.
  • Sound: adjust the volume of the screen.
  • Prowise Reflect: open the Prowise Reflect settings, here you can activate or deactivate Prowise Reflect.
  • Sidebar: open the sidebar, here you will find the settings menu, switch input sources and switch off the screen, among other things.

To ensure that these OTA updates are installed on your touchscreen in the future it is important to connect your screen to the internet via Prowise Central and to enable OTA updates (OTA updates are automatically enabled). Make sure that not only the PC module, but also Prowise Central is connected to the internet to enable OTA updates.