Adaptivity? What’s that?

Prowise Learn is unique due to its scientifically proven adaptive technology, developed at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Adaptivity means that the level of difficulty is adjusted to each player’s specific skills. If a player answers the exercises quickly and correctly, they will automatically be offered more difficult exercises. This allows players to progress to exercises that they are ready for, which may or may not have been covered as part of the curriculum. If these exercises turn out to be too difficult and the player starts making more mistakes or uses the question mark, easier exercises will be offered automatically. The exercises are chosen by the adaptive system in such a way that every player – irrespective of their ability level – will answer 75% of the exercises correctly; keeping it fun and challenging for the players.

Because the adaptive system takes into account the ability of the player, it is important that every player solely works in his/her own Prowise Learn. Allowing parents, teachers, or other players to play in their Prowise Learn may manipulate their results and negatively affect perception of success (e.g., too many difficult items were presented).