Deactivating a player’s account

Pupils who have left school, or pupils who for any reason no longer use Prowise Learn, can be deactivated or unassigned from a product.


Unassign players

When players are unassigned from licences, teachers and administrators will still be able to view their results. However, these players will no longer be able to login and play.


Step 1: Remove Player from School Class

  • Go to Administration – School Classes
  • Select the Assign players action behind the school class
  • Drag player to Players without a class. It is also possible to select multiple players at once by holding down the Ctrl-, Command-, or Shift-key.

Step 2: Unassign Player Licence

  • Go to Administration – assign licences
  • Select the player’s school class from the drop-down menu
  • Uncheck the checkbox behind the player to unassign their account


Deactivate players

If you wish to remove all data from a (former) player, you can choose to deactivate their account. Note: with this function, you permanently remove all information from your dashboard.

Step 1: Unassign players

Step 2: Remove player

  • Go to Administration – Remove users (without assignment)
  • Check the box in front of the players you want to remove

Click Remove