Group overview

You can monitor the players’ results under the tab Results and view the results either ‘By School Class’ or ‘By Year’. Here you can find the individuals’ performance as compared by others in the same class and to players from different Years. In addition, you can zoom in on individual performance by viewing a players’ strengths and weaknesses, as well as common mistakes.


The questions answered tab

Displays of the the total number of exercises that each player has completed in each game. If the player hasn’t completed any exercises in this game there won’t be a number displayed. You can choose the period which you want to view in the drop down menu.


The relative score tab

This tab shows an overview per game of the performance of all players from a school class or Year. The colours displayed indicate the relative position of the player in relation to other players from the same age category playing in Prowise Learn. The colour coding is based on the percentage of players who have a lower score. You can find the classification in the score categories to quickly determine how a player is doing and if he or she needs more attention.