Adding teachers, school classes and players in Prowise Learn

These instructions are intended for administrators who want to set up our product for their school. 


1.  Adding teachers

  • Go to Administration – add users
  • Select enter users manually
  • Select the tab Teacher
  • Enter the Teacher account information
    • We will send the teacher an email containing their username and allowing them to set their password.
    • It is possible to directly assign teachers to classes, which will allow a teacher to see the results of his/her class. However, if classes have not yet been created you can complete this in step 2.
  • Repeat these steps until you have created an account for all teachers


2. Creating school classes 

  • Go to Administration – school classes
  • Select New School Class
  • In the Name field you can give the class a short name, allowing you and your colleagues to identify the class
  • If you have already created teachers you can click on the teacher’s name in the field Teachers and assign him/her to a class straight away, allowing them to see their classes’ results. If you hold the Ctrl-button while clicking teachers’ names you can select several teachers simultaneously. 
  • Repeat these steps until all classes have been created


3. Adding Players

3.1. Adding an individual player

  • Go to Administration – Add users
  • Select enter users manually
  • Select the tab Player
  • A new player account is automatically assigned to a Prowise Learn licence; allowing new players to start with Prowise Learn straight away. If, however, you do not want the player account to use one of the available licences, please uncheck the checkbox
  • Select the player’s Year from the drop-down menu
  • Select the player’s  gender from the drop-down menu
  • Enter the player’s  first- and last name
    • Note: do not use punctuation marks as this causes problems logging in.
    • For example: instead of Léon enter Leon
  • Finally, select the player’s date of birth. For privacy reasons we do not ask you to specify the exact day a player was born.
  • It is possible to enter the player’s email address along with the other details. This will allow players to reset their passwords without the help of a teacher or administrator.
  • Repeat these steps to add more players


3.2. Adding multiple players at once (csv)

  • Go to Administration – Add users
  • Select import users via CSV-file
  • New player accounts are automatically assigned to Prowise Learn licences; allowing new players to start with Prowise Learn straight away. If, however, you do not want the players’ account to use the available licences, please uncheck the checkbox
  • In the School Class drop-down menu you can choose a school class to add players who are in the same class. If you leave this field empty, you can assign the entered players to a class later.
  • In the Year drop-down menu you can choose the Year for all players. If the Year differs across players, you can leave this field empty and assign Years later on.
  • For the names, gender, and date of birth you can select the desired input format
    • Name format: choose between two separate columns or one column containing both the first and last name.
    • Gender format: male/female or boy/girl
    • Date of birth format: day-month-year, month-day-year, or year-month-day. Note: the date of birth must follow a numeric format (e.g., 20-09-2010 rather than 20 – Sep – 2010). For privacy reasons all dates of birth will be converted to a format where only the month and year of birth are saved.
  • Once you have complete the first part of the form, you can add players by copy-pasting their data from your respective spreadsheet software (e.g., Excel).
  • Make sure that each column has the same number of rows (delete the ‘enters’ at the end of each column).
  • In the Year column you should enter the values that correspond to the appropriate year. Please note that the value you should enter may differ from the actual Year the student is in; this was done so that users across the globe can use our systems.
1: Ages 4 – 5 (Reception) 11: Ages 14 – 15
2: Ages 5 – 6 12: Ages 15 – 16
3: Ages 6 – 7 13: Ages 16 – 17
4: Ages 7 – 8 14: Ages 17 – 18
5: Ages 8 – 9 15: Ages 18 – 19
6: Ages 9 – 10 16: Ages 19 – 20
7: Ages 10 – 11 17: Ages 20 – 21
8: Ages 11 – 12 18: Ages 21 – 22
9: Ages 12 – 13 19: Ages 21 + or Unknown
10: Ages 13 – 14  

Click save to add the new players to the system.