Where do I find the results of an individual player?

By clicking on the name of one of the players, you can find the overview page of that specific player with general player information along with the more specific tabs explained underneath.

Domain scores

Here, the scores for the different games and the corresponding percentile scores are shown; how many days it’s been since the player has logged in; and the total numbers of exercises completed per game.

The Relative score indicates the relative position of the child in relation to other children from the same age category playing in Prowise Learn.

The Game score indicates how children scored compared to all other children of this game. The scores range from 1 to 1000. The scores 300, 500 and 700 are matched with the end of Year 2, end of Year 4  and end of Year 6. This way it’s simple for you to see if the players have reached the level of the end of the Year already. So when the player reaches the score of 700, the level of the end of primary school is obtained.

For each game there is an additional tab with a development graph and their best and worst answers.

Development graph

This graph shows the numbers of exercises answered and the average score per week. Weeks are displayed on the horizontal axis, the score on the left vertical axis and the frequency of play is displayed on the right vertical axis. The height of the bars indicate how many exercises have been completed that week, and the green line indicates the average score that week. The particular score is shown when hovering over the circles with your mouse.

Best and worst answers

Over the last 50 exercises, the 10 least successful and the 5 most successful exercises are shown.  The least successful exercises were either answered incorrectly or too slow. If the player clicked on the question mark, the Answer shows a “q”. If the answer wasn’t give in time, “NA” will show.