Standby iPro Lift system

The iPro Lift systems have a standby mode, which can cause it to seem like it is not working properly.

However, this has to do with the standby mode that the lift goes into when it is not used for a certain period of time. The benefit is that it uses only the minimum energy required when it is not being used (only 0.1 Watt).

When the lift is not used for 45 seconds, it needs to be triggered to get out of sleep mode.
You can do so with the following controls.

Pedal control iPro Wall lift:                                                            

Pedal control iPro Mobile, Toddler & Tilt lift:

Manual control iPro Toddler and Tilt lift:

Prowise Central control panel from Central 2.1:

Prowise Central control panel from Central 3.0: