In which environment can I use the integrated microphone?

The Prowise ProLine+ has an integrated Wide Area microphone. 
You can use the microphone in the following environments:

  1. Prowise Central
  2. Windows environment via the internal PC module
  3. Windows environment via an external PC that is linked to the ProLine+

How do I test the integrated microphone?
If you are working with an internal PC module, you can test the integrated microphone as follows:

  1. Make sure that you are in the Windows environment of the internal PC module.
  2. Go to Audio settings (right-click on the speaker symbol in the bottom-right in the taskbar)
  3. Under the tab 'Choose input device' you can view the relevant input device. Microphone (2-USB Audio CODEC)
  4. The option 'Test microphone' is also visible.
  5. The status of the VU meter indicates whether the microphone is receiving audio signals.