What is necessary to be able to use the ProWrite Ink pen?

The ProLine+ multi touchscreen is equipped with a ProWrite® Ink pen for a smooth and natural writing experience. The pen can be stored and charged in the charging station on the right-hand side of the screen. 

After charging the pen, it is ready to be used and it is not necessary to activate or link it to the screen.

The ProWrite® Ink pen gives the user a natural writing experience. 

The ProWrite® Ink pen is equipped with a pressure-sensitive tip. This means that the line thickness automatically adjusts according to how much pressure is applied to the tip. 
The ProWrite® Ink technology also uses palm recognition. The integration of palm recognition means that the palm of the hand can be placed on the screen for support while you are writing, without interfering with the written text or drawing. 
Moreover, the ProWrite® Ink pen has a hoover function. This immediately gives an indication of where on the screen writing or drawing will occur, enabling a more accurate execution.

Functies van de pen
1. Eraser 
2. Right-click 
3. Palm recognition 
4. Pressure-sensitive tip 


How can the ProWrite® Ink pen be charged?
The charging station of the ProWrite® Ink pen is located on the right-hand side of the Prowise ProLine+. Place the pen in the charging station to charge it. The LED indicator, located above the charging station, indicates the battery status of the ProWrite® Ink pen.

About the LED indications on the charging station:
1. Off: no pen is placed in the charging station.
2. Flashing red light: the pen is charging.
3. Constant blue light: the pen is fully charged.

Once the ProWrite® Ink pen is fully charged, it can be used for approximately 10 hours straight. Fully charging the ProWrite® Ink pen takes between 2 to 3 hours.


Caution! The ProWrite® Ink pen sticks out about 1 cm when placed in the charging station. Never try to push the pen completely into the charging station. This can cause damage to both the pen and the charging station.

Warning! Exclusively place the ProWrite® Ink pen in the charging station. Placing other objects can damage the charging station and the screen. Conductive objects (such as a metal pen) can cause a short circuit, which could damage the charging station or cause it to break down.

Technological requirements ProWrite® Ink
- Prowise ProLine+ Multi touchscreen
- Prowise ProWrite® Ink pen

Operating system:
- Prowise Central
- Windows 10
- Windows 7 & 8 (limited support)

NOTE! Prowise Central and Windows 10 both support all features of the ProWrite® Ink pen. Earlier versions of Windows support the ProWrite® Ink pen only to a limited extent.