What and which game settings are there?

Teachers, Administrators and Parents can choose which games are available to each player. They can select which games should always be available [base] and which games should only be available once all base games have been practised [bonus]. For example, a teacher can decide that children should only be allowed to play Speedmix once they have practised Addition and Subtraction. To achieve this they can set Addition and Subtraction as base games, whereas they can set Speedmix as a bonus game.

There are 3 kinds of game settings possible:

  • Standard: Every player is automatically given the standard base garden, which mainly focuses on mental arithmetic skills (i.e. Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division and Counting). Depending on the score on these games, new games will appear.
  • Beginner: Setting for especially young players such as in Reception and Year 1. Only games that are suited for young players are placed in the base garden. All games in this garden are immediately visible, but new games will not appear irrespective of the score. For a good performing player, it is better to have the standard game setting.
  • Manually: As a Teacher, you have the freedom to decide which games should be in the base and which games should be in the bonus garden. There won’t appear new games automatically when the players improve in the score such as in the Standard game setting.

All games are always visible, but they are not always playable. This is made clear by a lock on the game board. A game may be unplayable for one of the following reasons:

  • The game is turned off by the teacher, administrator or parent (hand).
  • A player has completed the game (crown).
  • A game is still too difficult and the player must first have a higher score on other games to unlock this game (exclamation mark).

Manual game setting for games:

With a manual setting, the games can be adjusted to super, on or off.

  • Super: These games are directly in the personal environment. Up to three super games can be selected.
  • On: These games are playable through the thematic gardens and can be selected by the system for advice games in the personal environment.
  • Off: These games are visible, but not playable.