Getting started with your Windows Notebook

Turn on your Notebook

Connect the power adapter and turn on your Notebook. The power button is located at the right side of your Notebook.


Starting up for the first time

When you startup your Notebook for the first time, you will have to go through the required startup procedure. During this first startup, you will have to fill in several fields of information. Follow the instruction on your screen and choose the desired settings like language, geographic region and keyboard settings. Closely read the terms of use and accept them to continue with the startup procedure.


Sign in to your Microsoft account

You can make a connection with the internet during the startup procedure. In this case you can login to your Microsoft account or, in case you don’t have a Microsoft account, you can create a new one. With a Microsoft account you get access to the Microsoft store, where you can buy new apps or edit existing apps. If you skip this step and login with a local account, it is possible to create a Microsoft account at a later time.


Completing startup

You can now create a personal account for your Notebook. By choosing a username and password, you make sure no one else has access to your personal files and data. Your Notebook will now complete the startup procedure, note this can take a few minutes. After this procedure the Welcome screen will appear and you can get started with your new Notebook.


Tip: When you skip making a connection with the internet during startup, you can adjust these settings later through the Windows interface.
Important: The first startup can take a while. Do not disconnect your Notebook with the power supply and do not switch off your Notebook during the first startup. You can switch off your Notebook when the startup procedure is completed and the Windows desktop is visible.