Safety Instructions Chromebook EduLine

The instructions will help you to operate the Chromebook reliably and increase its service life. 

  • Never open the housing of the Chromebook, battery or mains adapter! This could result in an electric shock or even ignite a fire which will damage your Chromebook.
  • Do not insert anything into the Chromebook through the slots and openings. This could result in an electric shock or even ignite a fire which will damage your Chromebook.
  • The slots and openings on the Chromebook are for ventilation purposes. Do not cover these openings as this could cause the device to overheat.
  • The Chromebook is not intended for use by companies in the heavy industry sector.
  • To avoid damage from lightning strikes, do not operate the Chromebook during thunderstorms.
  • Do not place any objects on top of the Chromebook and do not exert pressure on the display. Otherwise, there is a risk that the display may break.
  • If the screen breaks, there is a danger of injury. If this happens, pick up the shattered pieces wearing protective gloves and send them to your service centre for professional disposal. Finally, wash your hands with soap, as the pieces may have been contaminated with chemicals.
  • The screen of your Chromebook Pro Line can fold back 360º into tablet mode. Always hold the display firmly by the middle when folding it back, adjusting the position and closing it. Failure to do so may damage the display. Never use force to open the display.
  • Your touchscreen already reacts with the application of light pressure on the screen and could get damaged when using it too violently. Always handle the screen with care, without applying too much pressure or force.
  • To avoid damaging the device, please ensure the Chromebook does not get wet. In the unlikely event that the power cord gets wet, turn the power off immediately and let the power cord dry completely. 
  • To avoid damaging the screen, do not touch it with sharp objects.
  • Never lift the Chromebook up by the display as this could break the hinges.
  • Over time, dust can collect inside the Chromebook which then blocks the vents. This can lead to an increase in the fan speed and, therefore, also increase the operating volume of your Chromebook. It can also lead to overheating and 8 malfunctions. Therefore, have the interior of the Chromebook cleaned by the Prowise or a Prowise certified partner at regular intervals.
  • Should the below occur, switch the Chromebook off immediately/do not switch the Chromebook on, disconnect the mains plug and contact the Prowise Service desk if: » the mains adapter or the attached power cable or plug is burnt or damaged. Replace faulty mains cables/mains adaptors only with original parts. These parts should not be repaired under any circumstances. » the Chromebook housing is damaged or liquid has penetrated into the device. Have the Chromebook inspected by our Service desk or certified partner. Otherwise, it may not be possible to operate the Chromebook safely. There may be a risk of electric shock and/or harmful laser radiation!

What to do when your Chromebook gets wet:

  • Do not turn on your Chromebook.
  • Turn your Chromebook off and take the power cord out of the mains supply.
  • Let the Chromebook dry completely.