Moving the charging cart

Do not move the Prowise Universal Storage & Charging Cart while it is connected to the mains power supply. Remove the power plug from the mains socket and wrap it around the assigned bracket on the side before moving the charging cart.





The charging cart is equipped with swivel wheels to make it easy to move. Grasp the charging cart by the handles to move it. The charging cart is heavy (85kg), do not lift the cart to prevent physical complaints. Never try to move the charging cart over stairs. Always use a lift or ramp.



Follow these steps when moving the charging cart:

  1. Close the door of the charging cart and make sure it is properly closed.
  2. Make sure the panel on the back is securely fastened.
  3. Remove the power cable from the mains socket and wrap the cable around the assigned bracket on the side of the charging cart.
  4. Release the brakes from the wheels.
  5. Make sure no object are placed on the charging cart.
  6. Exclusively move the charging cart on a flat and stable surface.
  7. Make sure no obstacles are in the walkway of the charging cart.
  8. When the charging cart has reached the right place, put the brakes back on the wheels and plug the power cable in the mains socket.