What is the best way to move the charging case?

Do not move the charging case when it is connected to the mains. Disconnect the mains plug before moving the charging case.


Schermafbeelding_2021-07-16_om_13.40.31.png The charging case is equipped with wheels, making it easy to move around. Grab the handle on the side to move it like a trolley.
The charging case can also be moved with the four wheels at the bottom.
Schermafbeelding_2021-07-16_om_13.42.10.png If the charging case has to be lifted, this should be done by at least two people. Use the handles to lift the charging case.


Go through the following steps to move the charging case:

  1. Close the lid of the charging case and ensure that it is firmly closed.
  2. Pull the mains plug out of the socket and remove the connection cable so that it does not drag on the ground or lie in the path of the charging case.
  3. Ensure that no objects are placed on the charging case.
  4. Only move the charging case on a flat and stable surface.
Schermafbeelding_2021-07-16_om_13.18.26.png WARNING OF DANGER!
Never allow children to move the charging case and ensure that they do not stand around the charging case when it is being moved. There is a danger of serious injury should the charging case fall.