Installation Guidelines

Place the monitor on a flat surface and mount the VESA-handles to the touchscreen using the four supplied M6x20 hex bolts (5 mm hex key).


Use the VESA brackets to install the touchscreen on the VESA box (no. 2). Make sure the touchscreen is correctly positioned.


Secure the touchscreen using the supplied M5x50 screws. Make sure the touchscreen is securely fastened to the lift.

Mount the two crossbars to the VESAhandles with the remaining eight supplied M8x20 hex bolts (5 mm hex key). Schermafbeelding_2021-07-16_om_10.10.22.png
Assemble the two whiteboards and the hinges to the frame using 32 of the supplied self-tapping screws. There are four hinges, two on the left and two on the right. Schermafbeelding_2021-07-16_om_10.10.39.png
Make sure that the hinge with the extra hole is mounted on the whiteboard side and that the bulge of the hinge points outwards Schermafbeelding_2021-07-16_om_10.11.16.png
Attach the four buffers with the four remaining self-tapping screws supplied. Schermafbeelding_2021-07-16_om_10.11.37.png