Installation guidelines

Please consider the following guidelines before installing the whiteboard extension kit G2.

  1. The wall to which the lift is assembled, needs to be capable of supporting twice the combined weight of the touchscreen and the whiteboards.
  2. The maximum load of the Prowise lifts is 150 kg. The mobile lifts cannot support systems larger than 75 inches.
  3. Clear the wall from any obstacles. To prevent the risk of entrapment, a minimum distance of 10 cm to the left, right and above the screen and a minimum of 12 cm below it must be respected between the screen and any other objects around it such as accessories, whiteboards and keyboard holders.
  4. Before installing the whiteboards, please read the supplied safety guide carefully.
  5. The Whiteboard Extension Kit G2 is made for Prowise Touchscreen One and Prowise Touchscreen Ten.