How do the gaming environments of Prowise Learn work?

The Garden

Once you have logged in you’ll notice that the Prowise Learn looks like a garden! The signposts show the games which are available to you. Click on them to start playing. Try to make all of the plants in your garden grow by playing the different games. When your performance improves, your plants will grow.

Two environments: personal environment and thematic environments

You have two different environments, a personal environment (profile icon) and a few thematic environments (plus sign). You start in your personal environment, but by clicking on the plus sign you can also play all the games available in your garden.

New Plants

Your first plant is the addition game. If your addition score is high enough, the plant for the subtraction game will open. If you score high enough again, you can then play the multiplication game. Each time you score high enough, you will gain an extra plant. But, be careful! If you don’t keep playing all of the games your plants begin to wither and the plants you have earned will disappear.

Scoring plants

Try to win as many coins as possible. Solve the questions correctly and as fast as possible to gain more coins. If your answer is wrong, you will lose coins. If you really don’t know the answer, you can click the ‘?’, and you won’t lose any coins. You will find the coins you’ve won so far in the bag in the lower corner of the screen.

You can quit at any time after giving an answer by clicking the red ‘X’. If you complete a full game session at once you get a BONUS of 25 coins! You can choose the answer you think is correct by clicking on it or typing the answer with your keyboard. When you hit Enter, your answer will be submitted.

Changing Difficulty

In your Prowise Learn you can choose whether you want easy, medium, or difficult questions. You can change these settings in the lower-right corner by selecting a smiley with fewer/more sweat drops on its forehead. If you choose to play at a higher difficulty level you will earn more coins for a correct answer, but also lose more coins for an incorrect answer!