Central - Change external keyboard layout

In the new Central 3.1 release a new feature has been added.
The user now has the ability to change the layout of an external hardware keyboard.
The steps to accomplish this are described below. - Open the advanced settings menu


- In the advanced settings menu
      1. Click on the General tab
      2. In the General tab, navigate to the Localization tab
      3. In this menu navigate to the Hardware keyboard button


- This will open an Android settings menu.
       1. When this menu is open, connect the external keyboard to the screen if the keyboard has not been connected yet.
       2. Look for the connected keyboard in this menu
       3. Click on the highlighted section underneath the name of the external keyboard


- This will open another Android settings menu.

In this menu a variety of keyboard layouts can be selected.

Let’s say a QWERTY hardware keyboard is connected to the screen but you want the keyboard 
to behave as an AZERTY layout. 

This can be achieved by following these steps:
   - Select Belgian in this menu
   - Return to Central by pressing the arrow and back button
   - Open an application (for example the Prowise browser) where text can be entered and start typing.
The QWERTY hardware keyboard will now behave as a AZERTY keyboard.