How does the dashboard in Prowise Screen Control work?


Once you are logged in, you are referred to the Prowise Screen Control Dashboard. The dashboard contains information about, for instance, the available licences. 

Two icons appear in the top-right corner. 

  • You can log out with the icon on the right
  • You can change languages with the icon on the left.


The settings for the Package apply to all Prowise Touchscreens under your management and are automatically implemented in all Groups and Devices. We advise you to first set up the Package Settings and then register screens.


With Groups you can divide your Prowise Touchscreens in certain groups. Think of groups/spaces, floors or entire (school) buildings. 

Select Groups to view the current groups. 

  • Name: the name of the relevant group
  • Description: a description of the group
  • Devices: number of Prowise Touchscreens in the group
  • Location: location of the group

Click on the name of the group to open the group details. You can change or adjust the group. You can delete the group by clicking on the bin icon located to the right of the groups. 

Creating a group 

Click on '+ Add' to create a new group. 

  • Group name: enter the name of the group
  • Group description: enter a description
  • Select a location: select the location of the group 

Locations can be changed via under 'Location management'. 

Changing a group 

You can change or adjust the group in Group details. The page consists of several fields with settings you can do on your screen. In the top part, you can change the following details when clicking on the 'Edit' button. 

  • Group name
  • Group description
  • Group location. 


With the Devices option you can view which Prowise Touchscreens are registered in your Prowise Screen Control module. 

  • Serial number: this is the serial number of the screen
  • Name: this is the name of the screen
  • Group: view which group this screen belongs to

Click on the name of the Prowise Touchscreen to access 'Device details'. 

Device details

In the Device details menu you can adjust the settings of a particular Prowise Touchscreen. The page is divided into two windows. In the top part you can change the 'Device group' when selecting the 'Edit' button. This is the settings group to which the screen belongs. Click on 'Delete' to remove the screen from your Prowise Screen Control module.