Why can't I save my file?

Unable to save:

  • They save button is greyed out (not clickable)
  • Save button in 'Save as' menu is greyed out (not clickable)

It appears that saving a lesson is not possible because of a particular object in the file. We want to find this particular object, so we can solve the issue. 

Could you please share the following matters with us via presenter10@prowise.com: 

  • The link to the lesson (To do this, find the lesson in Presenter's file manager, click on the three dots in the top right corner and on file information. Here you can click on 'Share'. You will now see the screen where you can enter presenter10@prowise.com or copy and paste the share link into an email message.)
  • A log file, that you open once the problem occurs. Open a log file as follows: Press  ctrl + alt + ` (on the same button as the tilde ~ icon).