How to use my NFC card in a Microsoft Azure/Active Directory environment

This section describes how to use an NFC card in a Microsoft Azure/Active directory environment on a Prowise Touchscreen. The NFC login works the same way as a manual login. Follow the steps below to program your NFC card for a Microsoft Azure/Active Directory environment:

  1. Link your Windows system to your domain
  2. Create an account within this domain: Username & Password.
    3 Then program your NFC card in the Central menu with these account details

As an example, let's assume that your Windows system is linked to the PWENGINEER.LOCAL domain.
You can then log on as follows:
1 PWENGINEER.LOCAL username or as gebruikersnaam@PWENGINEER.LOCAL
     Associated password
     Make sure that the domain name is entered with capital letters.
2 If you are using an Azure AD then log in as follows:
     AzureAD username@domainname

In cases where you only use the DOMEIN to log in, and you have logged in to this DOMEIN before, then it is possible to log in with just your username and password.
Prowise recommends not to do this in this way, because the system will also want to try to log in locally if the NFC card is used.